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Letragrafic is experienced in the design of logos and artwork that can be used in a range of important branding materials from signage and business cards to banners and stickers. We also take a flexible approach to all we do meaning that we can take your PDF, high res TIF files or EPS files and use them for any of your printing needs for images, signs and more. In fact, Letragrafic can even use photographs of locations and objects and incorporate these images into your promotional signage according to your request.

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What files do we accept?

Letragrafic accepts PC compatible files only.

What are your colours, fonts and text/fonts outlines?

We ask that our clients convert all text/fonts and strokes to outlines. In the event that you are unable to convert to outlines, we ask that you please provide us with all fonts in .ttf form in PC format.

How should I provide hardcopy artwork?

All artwork that cannot be given to us electronically should be scanned and preferrably vectorised. A printed copy should be provided in order that we can give you the best quality possible.

Hardcopies should be printed on non-textured bright white paper at 1000 dpi when possible, as this will give the best quality; 600 dpi will provide good quality and 300 dpi will provide acceptable quality. The image should be as large as possible within an A4 area, as this allows us to scan your artwork and provide the best quality reproduction and results.

Hardcopies should also be a clean, colour or black and white laser printed copy.

If printed artwork fails to meet these requirements, quality may suffer. Examples of printed artwork that may fail to reach these requirements include letterheads, photocopies, inkjet printouts as well as business cards and faxes.

What are the acceptable files

for vector artwork?

Letragrafic accepts the following formats:

Portable Document File (PDF)

Adobe Illustrator Encapsulated Postscript (AI)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)


CorelDraw (CDR)

What files are NOT acceptable

for vector artwork?

Letragrafic doesnot accept the following formats:

We ask that our clients do not send us vector artwork in the following formats: Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, QuarkXpress and PageMaker. Additionally, please do not send files that are embedded in other files.

For those sending vector or bitmap/raster artwork in the same file please only send an EPS (Adobe Illustrator) file. Additionally, please include a hard copy that clearly shows how the file should appear.

What formats are acceptable

for bitmap artwork?

If you are submitting bitmap artwork, please supply a hardcopy of your artwork as well as colour swatches. We can provide colour proofs for an additional charge.

We can use the following formats:

Tag Image File Format (TIF or TIFF)

Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) exported as a TIF or TIFF

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG or JPEG)

Windows Bitmap (BMP)

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document

*PDF format can also be used if the file is to digitally printed.

What File Sizes

are acceptable?

All files should be one of the following options:

25% scaling at 300 ppi minimum in RGB


100% scaling at 150 ppi minimum in EPS or TIFF

If you cannot provide files in one of the formats listed above, additional work may be required, which could delay your project. Please contact Leftagrafic if you need assistance or have questions.

Our email can accept files up to 20mb. If you need to send larger files, contact us at (insert email and phone).

Please note that larger files are required to produce larger images. As a result, if you will be producing a large format image, please provide a jpeg, tiff, bitmap etc. that is 5mb or above.

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