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New Options in 3-Dimensional Illuminated Signage

For too long, signs were little more than two-dimensional constructs. Sure, there were graphic design tricks that could make your lettering stand out, and routing and metal signs could be created with some degree of three-dimensionality. However, things have changed today. There are many new options in three-dimensional illuminated signage.




At Letragrafic Signs, we pride ourselves on being innovators, as well as professional sign designers and installers. Our Illumimax system combines robust three-dimensional construction with the best of LED technology, resulting in signage that stands out beautifully, and can be created to evoke anything you might need for your business or organisation. Each Illumimax fabricated letter is custom designed from the ground up, so you’re never stuck with a run of the mill sign.

Letragrafic Signs

3D Sign 2

3D Sign 3

Marquee Signs


Once upon a time, marquees were the sign type of choice for discerning businesses. They were slowly replaced with other options, but they’ve made a big comeback. At Letragrafic Signs, we offer a wide range of marquee signs, including open channel marquees, vintage marquee signs, open face marquee signs and more. Our designs range from industrial to elegant, from high street to the theatre.

3D Sign 4

3D Sign 5

3D Sign 6

Halo Lit Signs


Want to combine three-dimensionality with subdued illumination? Halo lit signs are the perfect option. These signs involve the installation of raised lettering or design with the placement of lights behind. When illuminated, the lights create a halo effect, backlighting the wording or logo as well as the installation substrate. Ideal for restaurants, healthcare, corporate, commercial, shopping centres, aged care facilities, supermarkets, airport, hotel & apartments and many other applications, our halo lit signs are dramatically different.


Toilet Signs


Face Lit Illuminated Letters


Design with a metal or acrylic bases, our face lit illuminated letters can be constructed in virtually any style you might want. They can also be coloured to meet your specific needs in terms of visibility and branding.


Whether you need something large scale, prefer narrow-width lettering, or want a small three-dimensional illuminated sign, our face lit illuminated letters do the trick. They’re also powered by LED lights for additional savings and one of the longest lifespans possible.


At Letragrafic Signs, we specialise in designing and installing the broadest range of three-dimensional illuminated signs. In addition to the options listed above, we can also offer metal lighted signs in stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper, conventional LED signs, 3D illuminated letters and open face bulb or neon letters to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how they can fit your needs.

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