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5 Reasons You MUST Work with a Professional Sign Installer

When it comes to signs, it’s essential that you work with a professional sign installer. Simply put, nothing less will do. Why is that, though? Can’t you save money with another option? Why can’t you do it yourself? Here are five reasons that you MUST work with a professional sign installer.


1. Quality


Signs must be installed properly. This is apparent with large, outdoor signs, but even indoor signs should be installed professionally. While you or your staff might be more than capable of hanging a simple window sign, can you wire up an LED or neon sign or fit 3D illuminated letters to a wall?

Sign Installtion Melbourne


2. Safety


Sign installation can be dangerous, particularly in installations where electricity is involved. That’s not all, though. Many installations involve dealing with significant weights, awkward installation processes, heights, potentially dangerous materials and more. A professional sign installer is trained to handle these dangers.


3. Durability

You want your sign to last – it’s an investment. However, if you don’t protect that investment with professional sign installation, it may not be around long enough to provide any return on your investment. Professional sign installers ensure that the sign is installed correctly, the first time, and that it will stand the test of time in your chosen location.


4. Savings

You might think that cutting corners on sign installation will save you some money, but that’s just an illusion. Any initial savings will be eaten up in time wasted in repairs or re-installation, troubleshooting hassles and malfunctions, damaged components and more. Professional sign installers actually save you money, time and stress over the long run.


5. Training and Certification

Anyone dealing with sign installation must have specific training in order to comply with industry and government regulations. However, if you’re not hiring a professional sign installer for your needs, then you have no guarantee as to their training and certification. Do they know important regulations? Do they adhere to government and industry specifications?


In the end, hiring a professional sign installer is the only option. At Letragrafic Signs, we are fully licensed and accredited. We understand OH&S, and we comply with all government and industry regulations. Not only are we professional sign installers, but we can custom design virtually any type of sign necessary, fromwarehouse and factory signs, to exhibition & tradeshow signage, department store signage, shopping centre signs, supermarket signs, and airport signs. We can also offer:


1. Crane signage
2. TAFE & university signage
3. School &educational department signage
4. Government signs
5. Aged care facility signage
6. Restaurant & hospitality signage
7. Hotel & apartment signage
8. Employment agencies signage
9. Franchise/chain store signs
10. Healthcare, medical & emergency services signage
11. Neon signs


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