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4 Reasons Your Company Needs to Invest in the Right Signage

What’s your most valuable, effective marketing tool? Is it that weekly mailer? Is it your social media marketing? Is it your sales team? Actually, while all of these are important elements and help augment your success, they’re not the most effective tool at your disposal. That title belongs to your business sign. If you’re not investing in the right signage, you’re suffering for it. Here are four reasons you need to ensure you’re investing in the right signage.


1. Visibility


Signs are all about visibility, but they’re not all created equal. A plain, boring sign can blend into the background, even if it’s the only sign present. There are lots of ways to ramp up your sign’s visibility, and at Letragrafic Signs, we know them all. 3D LED letters, open face channel neon letters, even halo lit signs draw your customers’ eye and enhance visibility.

2. Branding


A sign is more than just a declaration of your company’s presence. It’s an integral part of your branding efforts. The right style, design, illumination and material can make the difference between a sign that ties in with your company’s other branding efforts and elements and one that falls flat. Letragrafic Signs delivers outstanding customisation options to ensure that your sign matches your branding perfectly.


3. Convenience


Not all signs are about branding and visibility – way finding and directional signs help your customers, patients andclients and visitors navigate more easily. The right directional and way finding signs do more than just provide convenience, though. They leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Letragrafic Signs specialises in designing and installing a broad range of directional and way finding signs.


4. Attention


There are plenty of examples where signs are used to garner attention, but few are as compelling as the case of real estate signs. This is particularly true in urban and suburban areas where conventional yard signage would be lost in the crowd. Letragrafic Signs can create large, vibrant, impactful real estate signs, as well as other signs designed to garner attention from passers-by.


These are only a handful of the reasons why your company needs to invest in the right signage. Letragrafic Signs can design and install virtually any sign necessary, from real estate signs to halo-lit signs, shopping Centre, factory and construction signs. If your business is lacking in signage, contact us today to learn more about how we can turn things around for you.

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