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Gary McMillan, Toyota

Warehouse/Factory Signage-Make It Easy for Everyone to Find Your Business

Warehouses and factories can really benefit from great signage.  Keeping your customers happy involves many different components and addressing all of these components is essential for customer retention.  Customers want to be able to find warehouses and factories easily.  While GPS systems have made finding everything a little simpler, they have by no stretch of the imagination eliminated the importance of high quality signs that clearly indicate both a business’s location and purpose.  Let’s take a look at why it is essential for warehouses and factories to think about their signs.

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Being Easy to Locate is Essential

You will always have customers that are new to your business.  Your advertising efforts and positive word of mouth will always help you drive more customers to your warehouse or factory, but those customers need to be able to find you.  The quickest way to lose new business is to keep that business from walking through your front door!  For this reason, it is imperative that your business establishment is easy to find.

A Modern and Polished Sign Has a Psychological Impact

If you want to impress your existing customers as well as your new ones, then professionals signs are a must.  Modern and professional signs send a subtle but powerful message that you take pride in your business, your business is going well, and that you are highly organized.  Any factory or warehouse that wants to stay ahead of it’s competitors should be investing in signs.

Exceptional Directional and Wayfinding Signs Will Boost Revenue

Indoor signs matter a great deal.  Once your customers are in your warehouse or factory, it is essential that they can easily and quickly find what they need.  Numerous signs that point them in the right direction will do more than make their day easier.  The right kind of directional and wayfinding signage means less work for you and your employees in guiding customers.   This time saved can mean more revenue for your business.

Letragrafic takes pride in our top-notch directional and wayfinding signage as well as all of our signage.  The right signs matter, as they are part of how your business interacts with the world.

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