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  • I am most pleased to recommend the company Letragrafic.
    I have been working with Steve for the past 20 years, over that period Steve and his staff have always performed to my expectations, their genuine attention to detail has always impressed me .
    The quality of their work is first class and I have no hesitation in recommending them as genuine people to deal with.

    Gary McMillan

Gary McMillan, Toyota

Shopping Centres and Premium Retail Signs-Shift Eyes and Focus in Your Direction

There is a world of difference between an average sign and a truly professional, high-end sign that is designed from the ground up to stand out.  Premium signs yield premium results.  When it comes to retail signage, that can make a world of difference.

 Shopping Centre

Getting the Foot Traffic You Deserve

Shopping centre environments can be highly competitive.  Even if you don’t have a local competitor in the shopping centre who provides a good or service similar to yours, you can be certain that you are still competing.  In fact, every merchant at a shopping centre is competing for attention and dollars.  Just because the competition isn’t direct doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  If you do indeed have direct competitors, then your need to stand out is even more important.

The competition for attention is intense in a shopping centre and that means you must find ways to stand out.  Why are signs your single best option for achieving this goal?  Signs are a fantastic investment in that they perform each and every day.

A Constant Source of Advertisement

Any moment that your sign is out on display for the public to see, it is helping your business.  Even if someone doesn’t buy right there on the spot, you’ve made a valuable impression that may lead to a sale days, weeks or even many months later.  Retail signage is essential for your business, as it informs every patron who walks through the shopping centre that you exist and that you have goods or services to provide.  In this way, retail signage is giving you a constant and steady stream of advertisement year round.  This fact makes retail signage one of the best investments you can make in your business.

A high-quality sign, with top-end graphics and printing will get noticed.  All too often, businesses carelessly opt for lower grade signs.  But this factor can be used to your advantage, as it means that a high-quality, polished sign with vibrant graphics will garner attention.

Over the years, Letragrafic has made a name for itself by providing businesses with the kind of high-end retail signage that stands out.  Want to attract more attention at the shopping center?  Let Letragrafic help you make it happen!

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