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    Gary McMillan

Gary McMillan, Toyota

Do Superior Real Estate Signs Matter? You Bet!

The real estate market can be a highly competitive market, and that means that standing out matters.  Your real estate sign is an advertisement.  As a result, it needs to get people excited about calling you.  When people see your real estate signs, you want them to either select you as their real estate agent or to inquire about the property that you are representing.  So what elements should your real estate signs have?  Let’s take a closer look.

The 4 Key Elements in a Real Estate Sign

  • Good logo and graphics
  • A clear marketing message
  • A way to contact you (even if it’s just a web link)
  • A well constructed and polished sign

Every lawn sign that you are able to place is essentially a free billboard for you as an agent or for your real estate business.  A hot property that is getting a lot of interest can really spread the word about you.  It also means that you will be making a lot of first impressions.  The mechanism by which you’ll be making those impressions is your real estate sign.

Superior, high-quality real estate signs will help you instill confidence in those who see your sign.  If you want people contacting you to either represent them as an agent or calling you about a specific property, it is essential that they are impressed.  Remember you may only have seconds to create a positive impression, and that means a quality sign makes a difference.

Your Office Presence Needs Signs

High quality signage also matters in your real estate office.  When clients are coming into your office to talk about properties, they should feel that you are reliable, organised and professional.  All of your signage, from your reception signs to your wall graphics, should be focused on creating that positive impression.

Letragrafic understands the needs of real estate agencies and real estate agents.  We understand that your signage has to instantly convey a message of professionalism and quality.  Our professional signs are the industry’s best and will impress each and every potential client.  Contact us today and we would be happy to tell you more about our recommendations for real estate signs.

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