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  • I am most pleased to recommend the company Letragrafic.
    I have been working with Steve for the past 20 years, over that period Steve and his staff have always performed to my expectations, their genuine attention to detail has always impressed me .
    The quality of their work is first class and I have no hesitation in recommending them as genuine people to deal with.

    Gary McMillan

Gary McMillan, Toyota

We Offering Different Services like Warehouse/Factory Signage, Exceptional Directional and Wayfinding Signs and Shopping Centres and Premium Retail Signs.

How Easy is it to Get Your Sign Repaired?

Sign repair is easy when its left up to the professionals. The process can be fast and painless from start to finish. The bottom line is that risking your sign repair to anyone other than a professional is a serious risk and a real mistake. Your signs are your calling cards to the world. Far too many businesses fail to remember that for a large percentage of the customers (and potential customers), it is their sign that makes the first impression. First impressions are incredibly important in business, and it is often your signage that does the talking for you. more »

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How Should You Handle Sign Maintenance?

Sign maintenance is no small issue. A sign that is falling apart, needs repair or has failed to function properly is a serious issue and will negatively impact people’s perception of you and your business. The fact of the matter is that your signs are often the first impression that a potential customer or client has of you and your company, and that means you must be certain that your signs stay in excellent care at all times. Signs are manufactured from different materials and many include electrical components. For these reasons, it is vital that you follow the instructions more »

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The Point of Sale Sign Can Be Your Best Friend

A point of sale sign can be a business owners best friend? Why is this the situation? Why is it that point of sale signs work so well? There are many reasons why point of sale signs are beneficial. In this article, we will take a look at a few of the key reasons that you will want to choose to add or enhance your point of sale signs. By far the most important reason that you will want to add or enhance your point of sale sign is that they boost sales. Reminding people of your most effective sales more »

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When You’re Having New Signs Built, Experience Matters!

Inexperienced hands shouldn’t be making your signs, period. Sign making is an art, and like any good art, the end results get noticed in a major way. This, of course, means that you only want experienced and skilled craftsmen who understand the trade creating your new signs. After all, your signs are a reflection of you and your business, and that means you want those signs to have crisp, clean and polished look. There are plenty of sign manufacturers out there, but as with any product, consumers do get what they pay for and signs are no exception. Modern signage more »

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What is the Best Kind of Signage for Your Window?

It is essential to have signage that draws attention and keeps a passerby’s attention long enough to get that person to enter your place of business. Today, the business climate is competitive and that, of course, means that you need every possible advantage if you are to edge out your competition. The strategic use of signage can give you just such an edge. By carefully thinking or rethinking how you use your window advertising space, you can garner attention and attract new customers. Our experienced team at Letragrafic can help you do just that! New Signs Really Do Matter The more »

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Why Should You Always Have a Professional Reception Sign?

First impressions are dramatically important. The bottom line is that a bad first impression is usually the end of a relationship, whether it’s personal or professional. People have very little to go on when they meet a new business or are interacting with a new business, and that means you must make a good impression. Letragrafic can assist your business to upgrade your reception sign to something professional, modern and polished. So much of what goes into a business making a good first impression means conveying a clear and decisive message of confidence and competence. A failure to convey these more »

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The Psychological Importance and Impact of High-Quality Signage

The odds are exceptionally good that you want to do business with people that know what they are doing. Most people are very concerned that they are doing business with professionals who will give them quality service and in a timely fashion. No one likes wasting his or her time. Whether you realize it or not, every action your business takes sends a subtle message regarding your level of professionalism and what consumers can expect. That’s why Letragrafic pays special attention to assisting our clients to take their signage to the next level. The psychology behind attracting and retaining more more »

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Enhance the Perceived Professionalism of Your Business with Privacy Frosting and Decorative Glass Film

Do you want to upgrade the prestige and perception of your business? There are many ways that you can boost the prestige and perceived value of your business, and some of those options are more complex and expensive than others. However, some of your options are surprisingly easy and cost-effective. One such option comes in the form of opting for privacy frosting and decorative glass film. Letragrafic specializes in assisting our clients to improve the detailing on their windows for both business as well as residential needs. What is it that is so fantastic about privacy frosting and decorative glass more »

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The Benefits of Adding Professional Signage to Your Business Interior

Professional signs are one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reach your audience and make a positive impression. By opting for the right kind of signage, you can convey the most important information for your business. You can make a persuasive argument as to why consumers should pick you when you use the optimal promotional materials. Once an existing or new consumers or clients are inside your place of business, you have a simply fantastic opportunity to advertise to them. Unlike almost every other form of advertising, professional signs in your business interior will cost you nothing once more »

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What is an LED Lightbox and Does Your Company Need One?

More and more companies are turning to the tremendous value that LED lightboxes offer.  This type of signage is custom made with a special lit graphic using energy-efficient LED lighting.   It can be created to use either indoors or outdoors.  LED are a true technological wonder, and your business can benefit greatly by adopting this impressive lighting and advertising option.  Our dedicated team at Letragrafic will get you pointed in the right direction. Reason One to Opt for an LED Lightbox- Customisation Provides A Different Look Every business wants signage that stands out in dramatic fashion.  LED lightboxes can be more »

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