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5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Neon Signs

Even in today’s busy world, the neon sign still stands out in striking fashion.  Those looking to increase the profile of their business should consider this eye catching option.  Letragrafic provides an array of colours and styles to choose from, and each and every one will grab the attention of your customers.  Let’s take a look why neon signs remain an attractive option for business owners decade after decade. Reason Number One to Use Neon Signs-They Work! Whether it’s through foot traffic or vehicle traffic, it is almost impossible for people to miss even a neon sign, even if it’s more »

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5 Things You Should Know About Car Signage

Car signs are being used more and more often for many good reasons.  Car signs are versatile, and they are also an inexpensive way to reach large numbers of people.  In fact, with proper planning and strategy, it is possible to reach surprisingly large numbers of people with a single car sign!  This vital fact isn’t lost on savvy business owners who realize that car signage is a way for them to dramatically increase their exposure and profile.  In this article we will explore the 5 key facts that you should know before selecting a sign for your company car. more »

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Are Illuminated Signs the Best Choice for Your Business?

The key fact you should take away from this article is that your business needs signage, and that those signs should be polished and professional looking.  In most situations, an illuminated sign will stand out more and help you get a great deal of attention.  However, some locations and situations may not be optimal for a lighted sign.  Yet, for outdoor areas where there is a good deal of foot traffic and/or vehicle traffic, an illuminated sign is a winner. Keep in mind that an illuminated sign has one very special “trick” that a painted sign just can’t achieve, and more »

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Benefits of 3D Signage for Businesses

There are lots of great sign options for your business, and selecting the right one certainly can make a massive difference in generating new interest, new traffic and, of course, new business.  3D Signage has a lot going for it.  For example, 3D signage has a unique look and feel that other signs usually can’t quite match.  The addition of a third dimension serves to grab the eye in a completely different way from a traditional 2D sign or an illuminated sign.  This is why so many Letragrafic clients choose this type of sign to promote their business. Let’s look more »

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Can Your Company Benefit From Car Signs?

There are many ways to advertise, but having a moving billboard that is highly visible and that everyone can see stands out now more than ever.  In part, this is due to the fact that vinyl decals, stickers and vehicle wraps look better than ever.  Printing technology has evolved from what it was 5 or 10 years ago.  This means that your mobile billboard will always be looking good visually and serve as a prominent source of advertisement for your company. Our team at Letragrafic, is highly experienced at helping our clients get the most out of car signs.  Feel more »

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LED Signs: A Cutting Edge Form of Advertising

LED technology has a lot going for it.  If you haven’t yet adopted LED technology, then you will want to consider doing so.  This form of lighting can save you a great deal of money due to the fact that LED light, unlike traditional light, converts the majority of the energy it uses into light instead of heat.  This, of course, translates into more money in your pocket.  Additionally, LED lights are also quite durable and last far longer than traditional lights as well.  All of this adds up to serious costs savings.  When it comes to lighted signs, the more »

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