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Gary McMillan, Toyota

What is the Best Kind of Signage for Your Window?

It is essential to have signage that draws attention and keeps a passerby’s attention long enough to get that person to enter your place of business. Today, the business climate is competitive and that, of course, means that you need every possible advantage if you are to edge out your competition. The strategic use of signage can give you just such an edge. By carefully thinking or rethinking how you use your window advertising space, you can garner attention and attract new customers. Our experienced team at Letragrafic can help you do just that!

Window Signage

New Signs Really Do Matter

The human brain responds to novelty. Every day, people walk or drive right by your business. But even if they need your exact goods or services, they may not notice you. The fact of the matter is that unless you stand out in some fashion, you will be visual background noise. The reason for this is that there are just so many distractions when people are walking or driving. In fact, distractions have actually become far worse in recent years due to cell phones. Driving was distracting enough, but now people are attempting to drive and talk and even eat all at the same time!

Grab Your Potential Client’s Attention

If you want to grab attention, you have to do something to emerge out of the sea of visual noise. The good news is that you can do just that with the right kind of window signage. People may ignore the visual noise that they see, but that factor can actually work to your advantage. If you find a way to get people to notice your window, then they’ll notice your business.

When you make a dramatic change in your window space, you can be sure that people will notice, as the human brain notices major changes. Small changes may slip past people, but most of the time, a big change will get noticed in a major way. The best signage for your window thus largely depends on what other kind of signage is around your business, what your business does, the shape of your window, the kind of messages that you to send and more.

Letragrafic can help you determine exactly what kind of sign is the best for your window. Get started today as we can give you a free quote with no obligation! Click to learn more.

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