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What is an LED Lightbox and Does Your Company Need One?

More and more companies are turning to the tremendous value that LED lightboxes offer.  This type of signage is custom made with a special lit graphic using energy-efficient LED lighting.   It can be created to use either indoors or outdoors.  LED are a true technological wonder, and your business can benefit greatly by adopting this impressive lighting and advertising option.  Our dedicated team at Letragrafic will get you pointed in the right direction.

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  • Reason One to Opt for an LED Lightbox- Customisation Provides A Different Look

    Every business wants signage that stands out in dramatic fashion.  LED lightboxes can be used to create a different look and, in the process, help your business garner more attention.  They can be created in a diverse array of shapes and sizes to best suit your company’s needs.  Our talented team will work closely with you to figure out the optimal sign for your requirements.

  • Reason Two to Opt for an LED Lightbox-Save Power and Lower Your Energy Bill

    An LED lightbox is a true energy saver.  LED lighting on average only uses a mere fraction of the energy of traditional lighting.  Traditional lighting options waste most of the energy they use in the form of heat, but LEDs are a different story.  LED lighting is far more energy efficient.  This means that an LED lightbox will easily pay for itself in energy savings alone over the years.

  • Reason Three to Opt for an LED Lightbox-Durability

    Not only do LED use a tiny fraction of the energy used by traditional lighting, but LEDs are also extremely durable and long lasting.  If you are looking for a sign that will last for many, many years, then you’ll absolutely love an LED lightbox!  Letragrafic makes LED lightboxes out of only the highest quality materials like aluminium, powder coated metal and stainless steel.  This means that your sign will look fantastic for years to come and you can avoid worrying about repairs and upkeep.

  • Reason Four to Opt for an LED Lightbox-Eco-Friendly

    Using less energy isn’t just good for your business, it’s also good for the environment.  LED lightboxes uses less energy, and that means opting for one helps the planet.  Your business will lower its overall carbon footprint!

Ultimately, an LED lightbox will help you save a great deal of money on your energy bill over its long lifetime.  When this factor is combined with this type of sign’s eye-catching nature, LED lightboxes are an easy pick for any business wanting to reach more customers and save dollars in the process!

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