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  • I am most pleased to recommend the company Letragrafic.
    I have been working with Steve for the past 20 years, over that period Steve and his staff have always performed to my expectations, their genuine attention to detail has always impressed me .
    The quality of their work is first class and I have no hesitation in recommending them as genuine people to deal with.

    Gary McMillan

Gary McMillan, Toyota

Building Signs-The Best Way to Raise Your Business’s Profile

A great sign elevates you business and does so often in unexpected ways. One of the key reasons that a sign from Letragrafic is a fantastic investment in your business is that it continues to draw new revenue and attention to your business every single day. The bottom line is that a sign can get the job done!

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If you are looking for a way to raise your businesses profile, then one of your first steps is to evaluate your signage. The outside of your business’s building is a very unique marketing opportunity for you that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you are a small business. Small business owners may lack the resources to launch significant marketing campaigns; however, by taking full advantage of the advertising space available to you on the outside of your building, you can drive attention. Of course, more attention means more revenue.

No matter what kind of business you operate, you need a sign and you need it to be professional and polished. If you want to cultivate the right impression of your business, then the quality of your sign matters. It is key to remember that many people go on their first impressions. This fact is particularly true when there is very little or no other information to rely upon. A great sign can indicate that you business is modern, organised and that your business cares about it’s reputation.

A professional sign is an indicator of quality. A sign that is worn out, old or unpolished will reflect negatively upon your business. At Letragraphic, we make sure that all of our signs are polished, professional and help you convey that your business is serious about what you do.

Our mission is to helping businesses take full advantage of their business signs, whether they are large or small. The bottom line is that your business needs a sign, and we can help you create a great and memorable one.

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