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Are Illuminated Signs the Best Choice for Your Business?

The key fact you should take away from this article is that your business needs signage, and that those signs should be polished and professional looking.  In most situations, an illuminated sign will stand out more and help you get a great deal of attention.  However, some locations and situations may not be optimal for a lighted sign.  Yet, for outdoor areas where there is a good deal of foot traffic and/or vehicle traffic, an illuminated sign is a winner.  That’s why, year after year, Letragrafic clients get great results through promoting their businesses with illuminated signs.

Keep in mind that an illuminated sign has one very special “trick” that a painted sign just can’t achieve, and that is, of course, that it lights up at night. In some situations, you can light up your painted sign and this can work well, but this also means that your sign might not have the same look as an illuminated sign.  If you want your business to get noticed at night, then this type of sign is a great option.

Not too long ago, illuminated signs did have one drawback and that was power consumption.  The larger the sign the more energy it would consume.  That factor literally made an illuminated sign an investment in both the sign itself and the energy that it took to keep the sign running.  Thanks, however, to the advent of LED signs, now it is possible to have an illuminated sign for a mere fraction of the energy cost of a traditionally illuminated sign.  This is a real game changer and opens up a range of new options for business owners.

There are other great illuminated sign options as well including lightboxes, neon signs and backlit and edgelit signs.  All three of these additional options have different looks and can make a striking impact when properly placed and used.  A great example of making a huge impact with your lighting choice is to use LED lights in conjunction with backlit and edgelit signs.  Just ask our experienced team for more information about these options.

Both illuminated and painted signs have their own benefits. The optimal location and placement for each type of sign differs.  Too many illuminated signs, especially in a concentrated area, can seem like overkill, so its all about balance and finding the right blend of illuminated and painted signs.  With that stated, however, if you are considering a sign for outdoor placement, you will like all that illuminated signs can do for your business.  After all, a nicely illuminated sign is hard to miss!

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